My Subscription Addiction’s (MSA) social whitelisting program is now GrapevineAI!

Meet GrapevineAI: Performance Content For Paid Social On Demand

February 28, 2023
By RC Williams

Introducing GrapevineAI: the fastest, most efficient way for growth marketers and brands to get performance content from third-party creators and publishers on demand. GrapevineAI, formerly known as MSA, already serves over 100+ top DTC brands like Prose, Harry’s, Farmer’s Dog and more. 

The content and creator platform behind GrapevineAI solves all of the heavy lifting and friction that growth marketers and brands typically deal with when trying to develop, manage and produce a third-party content campaign.

Instead of growth marketers having to find the right content creators, negotiate one-off deals, manage deliverables, and do last-mile designing and editing, GrapevineAI’s technology platform and marketplace of creators, designers, and editors makes turning concepts into campaigns as easy as ordering an Uber

In addition, GrapevineAI is home to multiple content-driven domains which allows their partner brands to close the loop and run a truly third-party voice campaign through third-party creator voices and third-party content sites. 

With the introduction of Apple’s iOS-14 privacy policy, authentic content marketing through creators and publishers alike has become one of the silver linings – not only do consumers want to hear more and more from authentic creators, but they also want to be spoken to in a relatable, personal manner.

GrapevineAI, through its robust creator network and platform, is able to deliver authentic content in ready-to-launch campaigns at scale for top DTC brands.

GrapevineAI is a one-stop-shop for eCommerce and DTC brands for third-party campaign production. No longer do brands have to handle all of the heavy lifting and friction-filled labor internally, rather they can partner with GrapevineAI and seamlessly produce high quality third-party content on demand. 

To date, GrapevineAI campaigns have driven significant Meta and TikTok performance efficiencies for these top DTC brands like Prose, Harry’s, Farmer’s Dog and more – consistently driving over 25% efficiencies and CPAs and becoming top performing acquisition funnels across the respective businesses. 

A key part of GrapevineAI’s model is that, while they manage all of the heavy lifting of the campaign ideation, coordination and production, they allow the brand’s growth team the ability to run the media and scale accordingly, all without any minimum media spends. 

GrapevineAI’s internal team of customer success specialists and content creators have over 10+ years of experience in content development and production as well as growth marketing and paid social performance. Additionally, GrapevineAI’s customer success team is highly CRO-focused and works closely with growth marketers to increase content testing velocities, creative iterations and landing page tests. 

In just a year’s time, GrapevineAI has been able to consistently deliver over 25%+ efficiencies in CPA to their partner brands, garnered over 150+ partners in the DTC landscape and receives over $2,500,000 in media spend through the platform each month. 

A partnership with GrapevineAI starts at just $600/month. GrapevineAI’s campaigns are scalable, and take minimal work from the brand – content can be ready to go live within 10 days of kickoff, with only one 30-min phone call between the teams.

If you’re a growth marketer working as a freelancer or on the growth team at a fast-growing DTC brand and are interested in creating third-party content campaigns to drive acquisition efficiencies, then fill out this brief form here and GrapevineAI will reach out to you to discuss a partnership. 

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