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Leveraging Third-Party Whitelisting on Paid Social Heading into Q1

December 11, 2023
By RC Williams

Feeling Frustrated With Your FB Performance? Creator Whitelisting Might Be Your Unlock.

Creator whitelisting is one of the most effective paid social strategies to decrease your CPAs, introduce more creative diversity into your campaigns, and scale your media spend. 

Top spending DTC brands across the board have leaned into creator whitelisting throughout 2023 and are leveraging it heading into Q1 of this coming year to scale efficiently when CPMs drop.

Creator whitelisting is the practice of running FB/IG ads through a creator’s page either directly to your existing landing pages or to a piece of third-party editorial content. The strategy seamlessly integrates third-party social proof with high quality, performance-focused ad creative.

The brands that generally see a revenue spike through the first few months of the New Year all leverage whitelisting as a core piece of their acquisition strategy for three reasons:

Introduces Authentic Creator Content Into Your Funnel

Whitelisting FB/IG ads through creator pages can help all of your metrics across the board – CPM, CPC, CTR and more. One of the key things to consider when working with creators for whitelisting is to ensure they align with your core customer demographic and create a connection with their audience. It’s critical to make sure that creators can tell compelling stories to the right audience you are looking to acquire through them.

With that, leveraging unique and authentic creators can help you connect with net new audiences for your brand and convert customers that otherwise wouldn’t have responded to branded campaigns.

Drive Traffic To Your Existing LPs or Third-Party Articles

Another low-lift strategy top DTC brands are leaning into via Grapevine is introducing whitelisted ads and creators into their funnel and running them directly to their site or existing landing pages.

Brands leverage Grapevine’s performance UGC videos and static ads to drive traffic to their existing landing pages that they know convert off the bat. These UGC videos and statics ads can be whitelisted through authentic creator pages or publisher pages – this achieves the goal of introducing third-party voices in the brand’s funnel.

Generally introducing high performing, whitelisted UGC videos and static ads into your funnel alongside your branded media can help reduce CPAs by 20-30% and make your bottom of funnel efforts even more efficient. 

Take Your Creative Differentiation Up a Level

For DTC brands spending $500K+/month, it’s critical to have differentiated creative throughout your funnel – static ads, video ads, UGC videos, GIFs and carousels. 

The best paid social campaigns have diverse messages, diverse angles, diverse creative types and diverse voices promoting the messages.

Whitelisted ad creative adds a whole new dimension to creative differentiation that top-spending DTC brands are leveraging for 20-30% lower CPAs.

Partner With Grapevine To Scale Whitelisting Seamlessly

Grapevine is the leading whitelisting and creator platform for DTC brands that are ready to scale on paid social. 

Grapevine’s platform is built to eliminate all of the fraction and manual tasks associated with launching and scaling multiple whitelisting campaigns – creator contracts, negotiations, billing, project management, content edits and iterations, page sharing and more. Grapevine’s team and platform manages all of it for our growth marketing team and allows you to focus on the media buying and management component. 

Additionally, heading into Q1, Grapevine has an incredible offer for all new brands: you can get your first campaign for just $200 + 10% of spend that goes into the campaigns (no minimum spend required). For the price of a nice dinner for 2, you can get a plug-n-play creator campaign, including 1 written article, 10-20 static ads, 3-4 video ads, whitelisting from both the creator’s handle and our publishers (including sites like My Subscription Addiction), and creative refreshes & optimizations. 

Connect with the Grapevine team or email their co-founder Caroline at [email protected] to learn more.

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