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Grapevine Way: How Grapevine Is Leveling Up Whitelisting For DTC Brands

January 18, 2024
By Caroline Levere

Learn how Grapevine AI is transforming paid social whitelisting campaigns for DTC brands.

Third-party paid social campaigns can drive 20-30% CAC efficiencies for DTC brands when executed well and Grapevine is the top partner in the space doing this at scale for direct-to-consumer brands.

These campaigns work because you’re leading with authentic creator content, driving traffic to a third-party educational landing page and leveraging social proof throughout the complementary funnel.

At scale, these campaigns are very hard to produce, manage and operationalize for DTC brands internally. Managing creators, content production, content testing roadmaps, setting up third-party pages and more deters brands from launching third-party campaigns.

Top DTC brands like Seed, Huel, Farmer’s Dog, and more all leverage Grapevine AI to drive their paid social third-party whitelisting campaigns.

Grapevine’s team of high caliber performance marketing experts have solved this issue brands face and have developed an internal process to help brands successfully launch, scale and iterate these campaigns: the Grapevine Way.

What Is The Grapevine Way?

The Grapevine Way is a comprehensive approach to content creation for paid social whitelisting campaigns designed to make them consistently high-performing. The Grapevine way focuses on expert-level knowledge by brand, comprehensive research into a brand’s marketing strategy, highly detailed instructions in creator briefs and detailed reporting and analysis to identify trends.

Step One: Creative Ideation 

To continue to drive fresh and high-performing ad creatives, Grapevine develops a custom creative roadmap and ideation flywheel for each DTC brand. The team leverages a robust collection of creative strategy to continuously develop new strategies and ideas for every partner DTC brand based on their past successes, ad account trends and unique insights Grapevine pulls from their vast knowledge of the space.

Step Two: Content Briefs

For every unique piece of creative that is developed in partnership with a creator, Grapevine develops an extensive and highly detailed brief.

The brief includes details and requirements on specific shots, visuals, key value props, tone of voice and so forth. In addition, each brief includes key inspiration and examples for the creator to follow to ensure that they deliver high quality and high performing creative uniques in their first pass. 

Internally, Grapevine also has a robust process for content brief writing for the editorial landing pages – this includes extensive details on tone, language, key copywriting tactics leveraged by the brand, key value props to hit on and so forth.

Step Three: Launch & Measurement

Once the content and creative is all produced, edited, and approved by both teams, Grapevine then works with the brand to develop a custom launch plan and testing roadmap based on their account structure and media buying strategies. 

Every single brand is different – different audiences, different acquisition tactics, different account structures and different goals – so Grapevine works closely with the brand’s growth team to find the optimal testing strategy to feed learnings and iterations into the GV Way Feedback Loop. The key goal of finding the optimal testing structure for each brand is to maximize learnings for each creative unit as well as giving top ads the best chance at winning in the auction.

Every two weeks, Grapevine delivers partner brands a performance report recapping performance for all active and tested media – the reports go deep into performance metrics like spend, CPA and conversion rate as well as soft metrics like CTR, CPC, CPM and more. These reports are key for brands and Grapevine to understanding what is working and discovering new angles to test.

In addition, Grapevine’s team also has a robust system built out for  ad creative iterations and landing page optimization that’s directly tied to the performance measurement and analysis process. With this process, Grapevine is able to leverage the performance data, trends, and insights to deliver brands unlimited creative iterations and high volumes of landing pages to test.

Partner With Grapevine Today

Grapevine’s platform is built to eliminate all of the fraction and manual tasks associated with launching and scaling multiple whitelisting campaigns – creator contracts, negotiations, billing, project management, content edits and iterations, page sharing and more. 

Grapevine’s team and platform manages all of it for our growth marketing team and allows you to focus on the media buying and management component. 

Connect with the Grapevine team or email their co-founder Caroline at [email protected] to learn more and see if you’re eligible for a first time discount

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