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How This Personal Care Brand Cut Their Prospecting CPA by 31% With Content Whitelisting

February 7, 2023
By Grapevine

Content Whitelisting 101

Content whitelisting is the practice on paid social platforms of using a third-party voice (for example, a handle on FB/IG) to drive traffic to a piece of authentic, DR-focused editorial content on a third-party publishing site. From here, users consume the content and then click through to the brand site to convert.

The strategy seamlessly integrates reputable social proof and authentic content across all touchpoints and can typically deliver 15-40% lower CPAs.

People don’t always go on social media to buy products or shop, even though that’s the motivation most marketers use to design their strategies and ad campaigns. Instead of running ads that are hyper-focused on conversion, content whitelisting encourages brands to run ads that educate consumers, tell an entertaining story, or share unique value props behind their products in an entertainment-first way.

Decreasing Prospecting CPAs by 31% While Scaling Budgets

A DTC personal care brand that has been content whitelisting with GrapevineAI since 2021 has been able to decrease their prospecting CPAs by 31% when compared to branded prospecting CPAs. The brand has devoted nearly 25% of their entire paid social budget to the flow with GrapevineAI because of the success and scale that they have been able to drive. 

The metrics below further breakdown their success:

The brand learned that educating consumers in an editorial style helped to convert them at a much higher rate and lower cost. These consumers purchase from the brand with more social proof-supported context than typical branded campaigns. Thus, these customers are of higher quality and value to the brand, leading to elevated LTVs in the long run.

Additionally, the brand learned that running editorials-style authentic reviews of their products, comparisons against their competitors and listicles explaining why a customer should purchase their products all at once performed very efficiently.

The example brand is using multiple creators, tones and content angles from GrapevineAI to help widen their potential target audience and bring account-wide efficiency and scalability to prospecting.

Three Key Metrics To Consider In This Flow

Three key metrics that generally see considerate performance improvements in this flow:

CTR: Ads coming from a third-party, reputable publisher or creator tend to have significantly higher CTRs when compared to standard branded ads, especially when the ads feel native to the publisher or creator’s brand.

CVR: Once a user consumes the editorial content, they tend to convert at significantly higher rates when compared to standard branded flows. This is because the editorial content offers the consumer deeper, more contextual information around the brand and products while keeping them entertained and engaged the entire time.

CPA: Because CVRs are elevated, CPAs will typically show a significant decrease. Across GrapevineAI’s portfolio of top DTC brands, the range of CPA decreases is between 15-40%.

Start Whitelisting Performance-Focused Content With GrapevineAI

GrapevineAI works with top DTC brands like Care/of, MIRROR, Athena Club, Prose, Splendid Spoon and more, and offers access to multiple hosting sites and an entire pool of creators for whitelisting. 

GrapevineAI’s flagship domain also has a domain authority of over 75 and receives hundreds of thousands of organic monthly unique visits, offering brands impactful social proof and a vast built-in audience to their campaign.

Additionally, GrapevineAI allows their partner brands’ growth teams to manage the entire paid media campaign unlike most opportunities in the marketplace today. There’s no media spend minimum to work with GrapevineAI and their packages start at just $600/month. 

GrapevineAI’s campaigns are scalable, and take minimal work from the brand – content can be ready to go live within 10 days of kickoff, with only one 30-min phone call between the teams.

Interested in learning more? Get in touch with GrapevineAI here.

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