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How Are Top DTC Brands Like Prose, Farmer’s Dog and More Getting 30% Lower CPAs in 2023?

May 10, 2023
By RC Williams

Simple: 3rd-Party Content Whitelisting.

You might not have heard of 3rd-party content whitelisting before or you’re a tried-and-true veteran when it comes to it. But either way, here’s a breakdown of the Meta  campaign strategy and how you and your brand can get up and running in no time.

What Is 3rd Party Content Whitelisting and How Does It Work?

In our post-iOS 14 and ATT (Apple Tracking Transparency) world, growth marketers have to put much more consideration into how they’re acquiring customers and how they’re profitably educating those customers.

It’s true that an educated customer is the best customer – they’re more likely to purchase and become a life-long customer with your brand. But nowadays, with ad costs at all time highs, it can be quite expensive.

Third-party content whitelisting uses a reputable third-party voice (think creator or publisher) to drive traffic to a piece of authentic, performance-focused editorial content on a third-party publishing site. The strategy seamlessly ingrains reputable social proof and performance-focused education across all touchpoints in the flow.

The End Result? 30% Lower CPAs & Higher-Value Customers.

Third-party content whitelisting is an effective strategy because it has fundamental interest alignment. People use social media to be entertained, learn interesting things, and have fun with their friends. 

People don’t always go on social media to buy products or shop, even though that’s the motivation most marketers use to design their strategies and campaigns. 

Additionally, successfully adding in a third-party voice to talk about your brand can create a halo effect, the feeling that “everyone’s talking about you,” helping to build social proof and drive conversions.

Instead of running ads that are hyper-focused on conversion, editorial whitelisting encourages brands to run ads that educate consumers, tell an entertaining story, or share unique value props behind their products in an entertainment-first way. Even though the ads may not initially feel conversion-focused, they actually end up having much stronger conversion rates versus branded assets.

Additionally, this can drive whitelisted ads through creator and publisher pages to have higher CTRs and lower CPCs. Once customers consume the editorial content piece about your products and click over to your site, the CvRs are significantly elevated too.

Use a Secondary-Presence To Unlock Your Paid Media Efficiency

Top brands across the DTC ecosystem are scaling their third-party content whitelisting campaigns and heavily investing into more and more campaigns.

Brands like Fabletics, Care/of, Freebird and more are all taking this strategy and bringing it to the next level – and it’s a big reason why these DTC brands are still able to profitably spend ad dollars on Facebook in 2023.

Whitelisting is one of the most effective media strategies of 2023 and brands that aren’t tapping into it are leaving lots of money on the table in their Meta ad accounts – to the tune of 20-30% CPA efficiencies

Connect With GrapevineAI and Launch a Campaign in Days, Not Weeks

If you’re looking to unlock new efficiencies in your acquisition efforts across digital channels like Meta and are interested in testing a third-party campaign, then GrapevineAI is here to support your growth team.

Grapevine, the only 3rd-party performance content platform built to serve DTC growth teams, is able to get your campaign up and running in just days, not weeks.

Not only does GrapevineAI’s platform enable growth marketers to tap into one of the most underutilized strategies on Meta, but it also eliminates all of the friction from the brand’s growth team associated with manually creating a whitelisting campaign from scratch. 

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