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Authentic Third-Party Comparison Landing Pages and Ad Creative

The Challenge Nood Faced:

Nood offers a high quality hair-removal device that they primarily sell through their DTC channel. Their main customer acquisition channels are Facebook and Instagram and the brand wanted to start tapping into TikTok for paid acquisition. 

Nood decided to partner with GrapevineAI in order to create third-party campaigns on Meta and TikTok in order to:

  • Diversify their ad creative units
  • Tap into new channels like TikTok
  • Increase the volume of social proof and whitelisting in their funnels

One of the key challenges Nood faced was a lack of creative and landing page diversification.

Internally, it was challenging for Nood’s nimble growth marketing team to manage 7-figure media budgets, a pool of UGC creators and ad creative strategy and production all at once – so they tapped in Grapevine to help.

Additionally, one of Nood’s challenges was building up more name and brand recognition in the market via reputable creators and publishers to stand out from there growing competition. Their market, laser hair removal, is filled with legacy players that have big brand names.

GrapevineAI, using their platform and robust pool of third-party creators for whitelisting and publisher content creation, was able to streamline the campaign planning process for Nood and create multiple funnels that scaled to over $100K in monthly media spend.

The Grapevine UGC and Landing Page Process:

GrapevineAI worked closely with the Nood growth team to uncover new opportunities and new pockets of users in the market to target with tailored third-party voice content. GrapevineAI worked closely with Nood’s team to understand what ad creative concepts make up the bulk of the Ad Account now and what net new concepts they could introduce through creators and UGC.

Additionally, Grapevine collaborated with Nood to understand what other products and brands their customers were deciding between and how to get Nood to win those customers over with authentic brand comparison landing pages. 

Once the strategy was in place, GrapevineAI outlined the entire roadmap of content angles, landing page designs, ad creative strategies as well as creator selections.

The Results – 4x ROAS and Major CAC Efficiencies:

Once the initial round of third-party voice campaigns and net new ad creative concepts were delivered back to Nood’s growth team, GrapevineAI’s team was able to seamlessly help the media buyers launch the campaigns into market.

In the first month, Nood was able to scale to over $150K in spend with over a 4.0x ROAS

Once launched, GrapevineAI’s customer success team worked to closely monitor key metrics in the campaign and make optimizations to the landing pages as the data suggested. 

Through all of the optimizations and iterations on the content, the flagship landing page, Nood vs. Braun, has successfully become one of the top ads in their ad account. 

To date, Nood has successfully brought in 5+ net new ad concepts achieving a 3x+ ROAS into their ad account thanks to GrapevineAI and their creator and content capabilities.