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DTC Hair Care Brand

Cutting CACs by 25%+ Through Third-Party Competitor Comparisons

The DTC Hair Care Brand’s Landing Page Challenge

GrapevineAI partnered with a category-leading DTC hair care brand to scale customer acquisition through third-party voice campaigns on Meta. The DTC hair brand came to GrapevineAI wanting to expand their landing page strategy and create more evergreen angles and winning ads in their ad account.

The main goals of the partnership included:

  • Creating winning third-party competitor comparison landing pages
  • Diversifying ad creative units
  • Tapping into new markets on Meta for potential customers

One of the main challenges that the category-leading DTC hair care brand faced was having third-party voices speak authentically about their product and how it was a better choice than the other brands in their category.

GrapevineAI’s Competitor Comparison Strategy

With deep knowledge of landing page strategy and third-party customer acquisition strategy, GrapevineAI was able to build a robust and scalable pipeline for evergreen landing pages for the DTC hair care brand. The main focus of the winning landing pages was to compare the category leading brand against some of their competitors and highlight the pros and cons of each brand in an authentic, genuine manner.

GrapevineAI found an opportunity in creating efficiency in the ad account by marketing to users who were already deciding between two custom hair care brands. Since there are a few main players in the category, GrapevineAI was able to build a robust pipeline of landing pages that addressed nearly all of the relevant brands. 

Having such vast content and angles allows the brand to enter into multiple user markets and significantly expand their reach. 

Alongside the content strategy, GrapevineAI worked with the DTC hair care brand to expand their use of creators in order to market authentically to multiple customer demographics at once.

Instead of hearing the same message from the same publisher or brand page, utilizing 5+ high-performing whitelisted creators allows the brand to target unique pools of customers on Meta and attract higher response rates with personalized messages.

Creating Evergreen Landing Pages that Help Reduce CPAs by 25%

To date, the category-leading hair brand has been able to create significant efficiencies in their ad account with these evergreen competitor comparison landing pages. They’ve been able to scale the third-party content campaigns beyond $200K in monthly media spend and are acquiring net new users for 25% less costs.

The GrapevineAI third-party content has become one of the top ads in their ad account and has led to significant business efficiencies and growth levers.

While the hair care brand’s growth team executed the media spend and scaling strategy, GrapevineAI’s team of customer success managers were able to effectively optimize the content and creative once it was in market by analyzing key metrics and performance. 

Additionally, GrapevineAI’s team was able to effectively strategize future content strategies and angles based on real time data and Meta performance.