My Subscription Addiction’s (MSA) social whitelisting program is now GrapevineAI!

DTC Baby Food Brand

Efficiently Scaling Real Creator Content With a Category-Leading DTC Baby Food Brand

The DTC Baby Food Brand’s Creator Challenge:

The brand was eager to scale their whitelisting creator program because of the efficiencies they had to see the strategy start to produce on Meta.

But scaling the program was challenging, burdensome and had a lot of friction involved from all parties – which is exactly why they turned to GrapevineAI for help to scale their program and third-party voice media spend.

One of the key challenges the brand faced was being able to coordinate and execute a whitelisting creator program at scale.

The DTC baby food brand approached GrapevineAI to achieve the following goals: 

  • Diversify the creators they used to whitelist on Meta
  • Diversify the voices and messaging angles in their funnel
  • Increase velocity of their landing page testing
  • Decrease CAC
The Grapevine Creator Process:

With a robust and high-performing creator pool, GrapevineAI’s team knew they could build a scalable and sustainable program for the brand that could lead to lower CACs on Meta.

GrapevineAI knew it could tap into its deep network to find creators who:

  • Could authentically speak to the challenges the brand solved
  • Had passion and energy about the brand and their products
  • Could create performance creative to help the brand decrease their CACs

A key piece of the process was to have the creators write authentic editorial landing pages about their experiences with the DTC baby food brand.

They wouldn’t just be running ads through a third-party page back to their brand website, rather they’d be using the third-party creator’s voice to drive traffic to authentic content from that creator hosted on a third-party publishing site.

GrapevineAI, with its ability to scale and remove all of the friction from the process for the brand, proposed the idea of getting 10+ unique whitelisting creators live in their ad account.

By utilizing 10+ creators who are all unique in voice, personality and demographic, they’re able to reach multiple pockets of customers right where they are with a customized message. 

Having a different creator for each different demographic of their customer allows them to hyper-tailor their funnels to certain audiences, rather than forcing customers all into the same funnel.

Using multiple creator demographics also allows the brand to craft unique angles for each written piece of third-party content they run on paid social.

The Results: 10+ Live Creators and 30% CAC Efficiencies:

Once the campaigns were built out and launched, their media efficiency immediately saw the dividends – they started to acquire better, more educated customers for 30% less cost. This CAC efficiency allowed them to scale the third party voice campaigns beyond six-figures per month in spend and allow them to be the driver of their account’s efficiency.

Additionally, GrapevineAI’s creator team was able to build out a robust roadmap for creator curation and customer demographic alignment, whitelisting campaign ideas and ad creative strategy.

Through GrapevineAI’s platform, the DTC baby food brand has been able to massively scale up their paid social spend all while acquiring better customers through more customized and authentic funnels and content.