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How I Launched 5 Whitelisting Campaigns In Minutes With Grapevine

June 20, 2023
By RC Williams

At Rejuvia, whitelisting campaigns are always the top performing campaigns in our entire Ad Account, but they add a ton of operations and workflow inefficiencies to our Growth Team.

In this article, I’ll show you how I was able to launch 5+ high-performing, scalable third-party whitelisting campaigns on Meta through Grapevine’s platform in just a few clicks of a button.

#1: Reviewed 8 Campaign Ideas From Grapevine In My Portal

When I first logged into my Grapevine Portal, I saw the Grapevine team had added 8 Meta campaign ideas for me to review along with creator recommendations.

I first reviewed the Grapevine campaign ideas with my team and then also added 2 of our own. We then prioritized 5 ideas to kick things off.

#2: Added Context and Creators

For each of the 5 campaigns, I spent about 60 seconds adding in more context for the Grapevine team and the creators. While I want the Grapevine team and creators to use their full marketing creative prowess, I thought it was important they get an idea of what historically performs for us. 

The creator for each campaign was recommended by the Grapevine Team and all I had to do was click Approve.

#3:Handed Over Production To The Grapevine Team

Once all of our campaigns were ready to go, all I had to do was click “Create Campaign” and send it off to Grapevine to produce. 

Previously, I’d have to manage all of the campaign operations work myself – contract negotiations, shipping product, creator communications, payments, drafts, edits, FB/IG page access and so forth.

#4: Sat Back and Watched The Project Management Magic Happen

While the campaigns were being produced, I was able to keep track of the status of everything in my portal. A ton of work, coordination and iteration goes into a Rejuvia campaign and the Grapevine portal has simplified it 10-fold for us.

#5: All of Our Assets Were All In The Same Place

A week later, all 5 of my Campaigns were ready for final approval – 5 unique landing pages, 5 creator FB/IG pages to whitelist, 5 documents for ad copy suggestions and 10+ ad creatives for each campaign.

At this stage, all I have to do is double check everything, give Grapevine our final stamp of approval on each campaign, and upload the assets into our Meta Ad Account to get live.

#6: Worked With My CX Manager In Slack To Optimize and Scale

We now work with our dedicated Grapevine brand manager on optimizing the campaigns – everything from CPAs, CTRs, CPCs, down to the outbound CTR on our Grapevine landing pages.

I usually track performance in-platform on Meta, but it’s great that my Campaign Portal in Grapevine has a built-in reporting dashboard that makes it super easy to check performance by article.

All-in-all, leaning on Grapevine’s Campaign Ideation and Planning Platform and Brand Management Team has transformed our third-party whitelisting on Meta.

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